Alpha v0.6 released

Date: October 29, 2019 Download it now

Happy Halloween!

This new release brings a lot of new features and a big rework of existing ones!

First of all, the KDEValley board got a big rework! It is now much more in line with our general art style.

This are three new settings. You can change:

On top of this, we released a new minigame in the spirit of the upcoming Halloween date! It employs an entire new mechanic. Instead of playing versus the others, the players join forces to help GNU. These minigames are initiated by landing on a GNU space. This implementation is very basic at the moment, so expect to see a vastly improved version in the next release (Along with another new space type, but I'll keep it a secret for now).

As always, here is the full changelog:

New features

Improved / Changed