Alpha v0.7 released

Date: April 1, 2020 Download it now

Today may be the first of April, but this is not a joke:
There is a new Super Tux Party release!

As announced in the previous release, this release brings a vastly improved version of GNU spaces along with a new space type: Nolok spaces.

How does it work?

GNU spaces

A GNU space

When landing on a GNU space, a minigame will be played. There a two types of minigames:

So GNU spaces help you and all other players.

Nolok spaces

A Nolok space

Nolok spaces are the opposite of GNU spaces. As GNU spaces reward the players, Nolok spaces punish them instead.

Nolok spaces invoke different effects when landed upon, too:

So Nolok spaces give quite bad effects, when you land on them. Better stay away from them!

New minigames

As we've introduced new minigame types, we need of course minigames to implement this new types! The previous version of gnu minigames are now called GNU Coop minigames, so there are 3 new minigames we need to discuss.

Forest Run (GNU Solo):

Forest Run minigame screenshot

This is a Jump and Run style minigame, where you have to dodge rocks thrown by catapults and jump between platforms to reach the finish line.

Dungeon Parcour (Nolok Solo):

Dungeon Parcour minigame screenshot

Similar to the forest run minigame, this minigame is also a Jump and Run style minigame. You need to dodge fireballs instead of thrown rocks.

Boat Rally (Nolok Coop):

Nolok Coop minigame screenshot

In this minigame you need to reach the finish line with your boat. The catch is that each player can only paddle at his position.
Therefore teamwork is important here.


We've been kindly given a free hosting solution for translation on Hosted Weblate. Translations are open and welcome, so please help out if you can!

Changelog v0.7

New features

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